Needs Analysis is a fact finding mission. The first step towards a solution is to determine what is actually needed. This may seem obvious but is often overlooked in the rush to implement a new solution. Appropriate management input must be sought to determine specific objectives and boundaries. This process may consist of interviews with the personnel or teams performing the work today or to be performing the work if reorganization is to be undertaken. Interviews may be supplemented with surveys. Information compiled will be organized and analyzed in preparation for the solution design.

A review of the current business processes is key to finding and correcting today's inefficiencies, as many are based on yesterday's practices - "But we've always done it that way."

Solution Design is framed from the needs analysis to match the objectives and budgetary requirements. Software selection is made and hardware requirements are determined. Even though we represent several software products and most "off the shelf" software will take care of 90% of most companies' needs, they may not meet your needs 100%. For requirements unique to your company, the software can be customized by our software development staff. Those additional features or changes are defined in detail with appropriate documentation for your company's approval. Many times the customization is not in processes but in the reporting.

Project Management is framework to ensure solutions are implemented on time and within budget while achieving the previously determined objectives. Successful solutions do not "fall into place by themselves". Our staff, working in concert with your staff, will determine the appropriate tasks, sequence, responsibilities, milestones, and time frames to implement the solution. Throughout the project, our staff will manage and monitor the project to assure nothing gets overlooked. Appropriate action is taken for those situations which "do not go according to plan" as no implementation is ever perfect.

Implementation is the process of configuring business rules, security, and testing the software and hardware, as well as completing and verifying data migrations. In short, it is the process of getting the solution ready for your staff to use in a live or production environment.