Data Migration allows key information that your current system uses to be quickly available in your new software without the time and cost required for the data to be re-input. Data migration can reduce the time to implement a new solution. Data migration eliminates the need to retain and maintain the current system just to provide inquiry capability to historical information or worse yet - do without the information. However, if the current system is an ill fit for your business or lacks accuracy, data migration may not be the best course - findings from the needs analysis will generally provide the best course of action.

Report Customization/Development provides for your own custom reports that present critical information in a manner unique to your business operation. Our experienced development staff will create the reports to your specifications using the proper reporting tool. Tools utilized for such needs include Excel, pivot tables, SQL Server Reporting Services, BizNet Software, and Synoptix.

Software Customization/Development can fulfill those indispensable and company specific features needed to complete the solution design. Since every business is unique, no solution is a perfect fit for all aspects of every business. You may process information differently than other companies - even those in your industry. Our experienced development staff will customize these unique features to your specifications. Customization will allow the new solution to be integrated with existing solutions which will be retained because they still work effectively.

For any report or software customization/development, source code is included whenever possible or appropriate.