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December 2015 ACA Reporting for 2015; TRAVERSE 11 Tip: Document Manual GL Entries with Required Comments; OSAS 8 Tip: See Inventory Trends with the Purchase Trending Inquiry; Use Conditional Formatting to Find Duplicates in Excel; Changes to the Telemarketing Sales Rule: What your business needs to know; Business after the EMV liability shift; Voice Tips for Effective Speaking; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: W-2 & 1099-MISC Forms

November 2015 TRAVERSE and OSAS: Keep Transactions in the Correct GL Periods; 3 Reasons to Make the Switch to EMV Now; Change Automatic "Read" Status for Previewed Emails in Outlook 2013; When Post-disaster Scams Strike; What is Spear Phishing?; The Ride Home; The Myth of Time Management ; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: W-2 & 1099-MISC Forms

October 2015 Update-ACA Reporting; TRAVERSE and OSAS: Things to do Before Year End; How serious is the end of support for Windows Server 2003?; Creating a Calendar event file in Outlook 2013; Business travelers: Check it out before you check in; Seasoned Wisdom; 13 Must-Take Steps to Combat Physical and Digital Theft While Traveling; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: W-2 & 1099-MISC Forms

August 2015 Windows 10; ACA Reporting; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: What can Payment Methods do for Me?; Use Location Services More Safely; Using Mail Merge in Microsoft Word to Insert a Letter's Address Block; How to Communicate During a Disaster; How Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees to Higher Commitment and Performance

July 2015 Windows 10; Fake Infection Popups; Driving Us to Distraction: the Top 5 Time-Sucks in the Office; The 5 Most Dangerous Pieces of Information to Give in an E-mail; Inserting a Quick Parts Fields in a Microsoft Word Letter; Vacation Alert! The ONE Thing You and Your Employees Should NEVER Do When on Vacation; 3 Ways to Make it Easier to Say NO

June 2015 Summer is here! OSI Customer Conference is around the corner; The Small Business's Guide to Secure Email; Phishing Still a Concern; Could Your Business be Exposed? If You're Running Windows Server 2003, Listen Up!; Looping a Slideshow in PowerPoint 2013; Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself: A Quick Guide to Tone Checking Emails

May 2015 TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: How to Effectively Use GL Memo Accounts; The Pickup Line; Low-Tech Ways to Protect Your Business; Create Your Email Signature in Outlook 2013; 11 Ways to Generate Word-of-Mouth About Your Business

April 2015 TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: Quote Please; Customers Expect More; April = Early Bird Discounts for the Customer Conference; Software That's Checking You're Who You Say You Are; Transposing Rows or Columns in Excel 2013; Questionable Calls

March 2015 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: Handling Uncollectable Accounts; Are You Feeling Disconnected?; Planning for Windows Server 2003/R2 End of Support; Methods for Searching Your Email in Outlook 2013; The Conversation; Marketing Through Your Customer; What to Do in the Event of a Major Data Breach

February 2015 TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: Update Current Year – Did you forget?; Oops! Fixing Tax Mistakes; How to Grow Star Performers

January 2015 Revealed: Hidden Costs; You've Got (Great) Mail; How to Remove Duplicates in Excel 2013; Internet Vigilance

December 2014 Bits From Ben; Welcome St. Louis Area Clients;TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: W-2 & 1099 Misc Tax Forms; TRAVERSE® Year End Compliance Update; OSAS® Year End Compliance Update; 7 Steps for Safer Surfing; Convert Your Document to a Fillable PDF Form; Feedback That Works

November 2014 TRAVERSE and OSAS Tips: W-2 & 1099 Misc Tax Forms; 10 Great Questions to Ask When Setting a Goal; Russian Hackers May Have Your Info. Now What?; How to Resize an Image in Microsoft Paint; Barn Movers

October 2014 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE Tip: Reprint a Payroll check from the Check History View; OSAS Tip: Earn your (report) stripes in OSAS version 8; Security Update on POODLE Vulnerability; Dress for Success; What Data are You Willing to Lose?

September 2014 TRAVERSE Tip: Using multiple accrual accounts; OSAS Tip: Separate check numbers in AP and PA; 3 Business Fails From Hollywood Films - And How To Avoid Them; No Need to Teach Your Customers a Lesson; Analyze Data with PivotTables in Excel;

August 2014 TRAVERSE and OSAS: Save Money, Free Up Time, Improve Cash Flow; 6 Things Leaders Forget to Do that Put Them at Risk; Preventing Data Breaches; Protect Your Passwords; Windows XP Registry Hack Will Not Protect Your PC Against All Threats; Vacation Right - 4 Tips for Unplugging When You Leave the Office; A Healthier At-Work Lifestyle: Benefits of Workplace Wellness

July 2014 Bits From Ben; Welcome New Clients; Welcome Howard Holz; Last Chance! OSI Customer Conference is around the corner; TRAVERSE and OSAS: Make it Inactive!; Do you have it?; Schedule Your Emails in Outlook Using Delay Delivery; The Secret to Getting More Juice Out of Your Notebook Battery

June 2014 Summer is here! OSI Customer Conference is around the corner; TRAVERSE 11 Tip: Verify your data before import; OSAS 7.6 Tip: Who's in the system?; Usability Moves Beyond the Screen; Don't Forget Your Every Day Password Security

May 2014 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE and OSAS: Spring Cleaning; R.I.P. Windows XP (October 25, 2001 - April 8, 2014); 7 Security Habits of Highly Effective PC Users; Smell the Coffee with the Next Wave of the Internet; 4 Reasons You Might Be Wasting Good Advice

April 2014 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE and OSAS: Save Time with Recurring Entries; Windows XP: Time Has Run Out; Heartbleed Security Flaw; Customer Service or Customer Experience?; Duplicate Yourself

March 2014 Baby Boomers, Gen X and Millennials - Oh My!; How to Gracefully Stop a Chatterbox So You Can Get Back to Work; Small Business Patents, Copyrights and Trademarks; Lock Down: Our Top 5 Security Takeaways; Choosing Between Windows 7 or 8.1; Knock Down The Walls That Block Communication

February 2014 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE and OSAS: How to Record Electronic Payments; Give Your Small Business a Spring Clean: 8 Tips That May Inspire You; Setting the Page Zoom Level in Adobe Reader; Using Testimonials, Endorsements and Online Reviews in Your Marketing; The Lines In Your Business

January 2014 TRAVERSE 11 Tip: Retain Line Item Sequence Order with Resequence Button; OSAS 7.6 Tip: On-Demand Checks Made Easy; New Year, New Hires: Growing Your Business With New Employees; Windows XP: Time is Running Out, Are You Ready?; Tips, Tricks and Techniques for Mastering Word; 9 Ways To Kick Off Your New Year By Disconnecting From Technology (At Least A Little Bit)

December 2013 TRAVERSE Year End Compliance Update; OSAS Year End Compliance Update; 4 Ways to Make Your Company Resilient Enough to Withstand Winter Weather Threats; Cryptolocker Virus; Excel Tips for Handling Lots of Data; How to Avoid Getting Scammed by ATM Skimmers; 10 Ideas You Need if You Want to Succeed; Still using Windows XP, Office 2003 or Server 2003?

November 2013 Medicare Taxes and Form 941 Tips; 7 Considerations for Crafting an Online Privacy Policy; How to Build and Use a Business Budget That's Useful All Year Long; Smarter Commerce: Beyond Just Buying and Selling

October 2013 Solid Strategies - Solid Success; Your Customers Are Your Sales Team; TRAVERSE 11 Tip: Email a Report as a PDF; OSAS 7.6 Tip: Setting Report Defaults for Reuse; Privacy Law: Helpful Guides; Safety is an active verb

September 2013 Bits from Ben: PCI Compliance Webinar; Protecting Employee Privacy: Health Information Rules for Businesses; 7 Ways to Protect Your Small Business from Fraud and Cybercrime; Drop Me in Dubuque

August 2013 Bits from Ben; Does your company accept credit or debit card payment from customers?; Streamline Your Company's Documents with Word's Quick Style Sets; Your Business Really Blew It: What Now?; Why, Why, Why, Why, Why?

July 2013 TRAVERSE 11 Tip: Find Dormant GL Accounts; OSAS 7.6 Tip: Manage the Email Queue; Turn On Your Charm to Get Great Service; Phone ethics for business; Protecting Your Phone and Tablet from Loss, Theft and Attacks

June 2013Traverse & OSAS Tips: Where Did This GL Entry Come From?; Think Before Sharing Your Location Online; Spam, Spam, Go Away; Network Security Checklist; How to win an argument by email

May 2013 eCommERPbridge for TRAVERSE: Successful Launch at OSI 2013 Conferences; Traverse & OSAS Tips: Is Your Fiscal Year End Approaching?; Working Wirelessly: What you need to know; Tips for using Outlook Calendar; Good Customer Service Intentions Don't Count

April 2013 Bits from Ben: Ready... Set... Launch!; TRAVERSE Tip: Reduce Errors & Save Time with Importation; OSAS Tip: Purchase Order Deposits in OSAS 7.6; Security: Beware of the Dark Side of Computer Code; Fighting Images in Microsoft Word; Tune Up Your Telephone Skills; Et tu, Printer?

March 2013  Bits from Ben: eCommERPbridgeTM for TRAVERSE®; Pitfalls of eCommerce in Wholesale Distribution & Manufacturing; TRAVERSE 11Tip: Commission Detail view; OSAS Tip: Transaction Inquiry in version 7.6; Whip Your Inbox into Shape; Windows XP... it was nice knowing you; Move Windows Between Monitors

February 2013  Writing Better Business Emails; What is Microsoft OneNote?; Wireless: How reliable do you need it to be?; 5 Skills for a Successful Life; The Customer Comes Second

January 2013 Changing Ids in TRAVERSE & OSAS; Why Lying in your Marketing isn't Worth It; Catch Spyware Before It Snags You; 4 ways to reward and motivate employees; Straight Talk About Cyberstalking

December 2012 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE Year End Compliance Update; OSAS Year End Compliance Update; Counting in Excel 2010; Tips for writing for the web: Yes, it's different!; Institute a Vow of Responsibility for the New Year

November 2012 TRAVERSE Tip: Start Preparing Now for 1099 Processing; Automatically Sort Incoming Email with the Create Rule Feature in Outlook 2010; Fake Android Apps; 5 Ways to Attract Former Clients; The Tale of Two Dogs

October 2012 How to Take a Step Toward Paperless; How to organize your computer to find information faster; 6 ways to build trust and ramp up your marketing; Why Customers Get Angry... Even When You're Nice

September 2012 Two Important Business Terms; Text to table and table to text in Microsoft Word; You Can Be a Helping Hero; If I Only Read My Junk Mail

August 2012 TRAVERSE Tip: Processing NSF Payments; 3 Hidden Costs of Aging IT Networks; It's Called Service for a Reason; Simple Data Protection; How to Use Field Codes in Microsoft Word 2010

July 2012 TRAVERSE & OSAS TIp: Want to Gain an Hour a Month?; Wanted: Friendly Employees; Are You Ignoring Customers?; Pick Up Your Oar and Row Row Row Your Boat; Zip! Create a table of contents in two steps

June 2012 Bits From Ben: "Green" Part 2; TRAVERSE 11 & OSAS 7.6 Tip: How to get Shorter, Greener, more Focused Reports; Vacation Checklist – Prepare your PC; Are you interested in information or transformation?; Everyone at Work is on the Same Team; Is your business eco-friendly?; How to stop working and go home

May 2012 Bits From Ben: A reminder on Windows XP and Office 2003, "Green" Part 1; TRAVERSE & OSAS Tip: How to be More Productive with Inventory Aliases; Disruptive Technology; Miss Communication; Decisiveness Brings Success; Support is ending for Windows XP and Office 2003

April 2012 Bits From Ben; TRAVERSE & OSAS Tip: It's Vacation Time - Almost; Confusion Opens up the Door for Drama; 6 tips to save time with Outlook; Jet Pilots Don't Use Rear View Mirrors; Improve Your Reputation via Email and Voicemail

March 2012 Bits From Ben: UPS, TRAVERSE 11; Basics for safer downloading; The Most Useful Keyboard Shortcuts; TRAVERSE & OSAS Tip: Tools for Your Electronic Banking Toolbox; Smile - You're on the Phone; 12 tips for creating better documents, Part 2; Increase Your Marketing Response

February 2012 Bits From Ben; The Big Distraction: Not Enough Time; Warning! Appreciation May Be Contagious; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tip: GL – Journal or Activity Report???; 12 tips for creating better documents, Part 1 of 2; 4 Signs It's Time to Start Hiring; Protecting your wireless network

January 2012 5 Tips for Top-notch Password Security; You Are The Company You Keep; Missed Manners; Office 2010 – Love at First Sight!; TRAVERSE and OSAS Tip: Controlling Your Purchases; Windows Server 2008 R2 and Windows 7 – Better Together; Success comes in cans!; Wireless 101