The new year is here!  The rush from holiday cheer winds down. Things return to “normal”. We settle in for this year to be the same as last, yet we yearn for it to be different, to be better, and to have more impact.

Seldom do we think to use the new year as a pivot point or a change in direction, except for those perennial new year's resolutions. My 40+ years in the working world fairly well matched this - until January 2013.

Having spent December 2012 holidays and much of January thru March 2013 recovering from a shattered left elbow, there was nothing "normal" (except I could type with my right hand). January 2013 was a pivot point for launching a new venture for Keystone Solutions - eCommerce software publishing.

For us the pivot point is more of a hinge than a change of direction, as the opportunity deepens our ability to provide positive impact for business owners whom we serve. Additionally our partners gain expertise to leverage for their clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.  Lastly, it leverages our core values of passion, service excellence, professionalism, creativity and innovation, and success of others.

2014 can be different! It can be your pivot point!

For us, many things had to be learned that were not known by the Keystone Solutions' team prior to January 2013. Our passion, thinking outside the box, and pursuit of excellence drove us to overcome the challenges of product development and launch, partnerships, and marketing and sales. What will be your pivot point?

Feed your yearn with a bit of inspiration...

My Best Wishes for a Prosperous and Pivotal 2014!