Inspiration for a New Year

The video below is a reminder that hidden talent is all around.  Everyone deserves a chance, an opportunity for theirs to become visible.  Too often with the hyperbole and negativity in daily media scenes and messages, we see a cynical and pessimistic view of the world.  The video reminds us to keep an open mind of events and actions, to be open to surprise, wonderment and amazement, as real life ebbs and flows over a period of time greater than 15 or 30 second sound bites.

Lastly a dream and a plan are not the same.   Have a worthwhile dream.   Add a plan.  Then get to work on the plan!

Whether you've seen the video or not, I believe you'll benefit from viewing it before rushing headlong into 2016.

My Best Wishes for an Inspired and Prosperous 2016!